About Us

As coworkers, our shared passion for travel, adventure, and the unknown became a fast foundation for our friendship. We’d challenge one another, along the way always searching for bigger and wilder pursuits.

When we heard about the Rickshaw Run from our buddy Mike — it was an instant winner. Now we needed a plan.

Thankfully we work for CoverMyMeds, one of the best employers around, so we decided to pitch the idea for CoverMyQuest; an annual competition for a handful of mini-grants that help employees pursue their dreams. And we walked away winners.

After a few planning-filled nights of Indian food, everything else fell into place – and the 2018 India Challenge was born.



After being born in a motorcycle shop and somehow transitioning into IT work, Henry is currently living out of a converted ambulance when he’s not with friends, family, or somewhere else on planet Earth. He keeps it interesting with a mixture of photography, IT, and time spent in the great outdoors.

The best spots to find him are on Instagram @henryfrawleyfulcher, or at henryff.com



After bouncing out of New York to pursue both traditional higher education and non-traditional education as an entrepreneur – Lars is currently calling Columbus Ohio home. He’s never one to pass up a chance to get his hands dirty, whether it’s a house renovation, one of the endless projects in the garage, or the next adventure of a lifetime– it’s bound to happen with intensity.

The new CoverMyMeds campus is taking up most of his time professional time right now, as well as his involvement with Smart Columbus changing the way cities think about how people move about.

You can find him on Instagram @vikinglars